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Back from the Google I/O Developer conference, we gathered some Googlers involved in the Developer world to tell us about their experience at the event and provide recommendations to local developers.

Please meet Ade Oshineye, Ben Wallace, Bruno Oliveira Ernest Delgado and Paul Kinlan

Ade Oshiney, Developer Advocate

My favourite announcement has to be the launch of Go on App Engine. It opens up the possibility of new kinds of applications that use Go's wide range of libraries. I'm especially looking forward to being able to play with the image manipulation libraries. It also gives developers an easy way to experiment with the Go language. I think that Go has the potential to make a big difference to the way we tackle highly concurrent programming problems.

Any tips for developers across Spain and Latin America?

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Did you know...

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Any special story while you were at the event?

At this year's Google I/O there was a performance by a band called Jane's Addition. They let me wander around back-stage where I got to see all the equipment they use to product a music concert. It looked exactly like the Mission Control Center at Nasa. There were dozens of computers and huge cables everywhere.

What's your favorite desert?

I like ice cream but I love Tiramisu.

Ben Wallace, Developer Marketing Manager

Android@Home and Android accessories...just wow! Think of all the items that can be augmented and improved by being connected; automated light bulbs are just the beginning. Developers can transform people's daily lives, grow exponentially the things that can be enhanced with Android, and take the experience further outside of the phone. You can find out more about the announcements from day 1 here.

Any tips for developers across Spain and Latin America?

When you’re building apps remember: Local content is King!

Any special story while you were at the event?

The robotics section turned around that famous quotation from Bill Gates: "We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten." Facial recognition, Android-powered hydroponics, tablet-powered giant-sized marble mazes; who would have thought we would have things like that now?

What's your favorite desert?

I've never had an Ice Cream Sandwich. Actually my favourite dessert is the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte

Bruno Oliveira, Developer Programs Engineer

What's your favorite announcement at Google I/O this year?

It's very difficult to pick a favorite. All announcements were very exciting and fit together very well, and that's the spirit of the Google developer platform: to bring together an excellent infrastructure on top of which developers can work efficiently and focused on what matters: innovation and creativity. So everything -- from HTML5 to the cloud, from Chrome to mobile -- is part of the same landscape.

What's the potential of that announcement for developers?

The impact for developers is that new use cases, new challenges and new scenarios are appearing every day as we move towards a new model of computing. These changes in technology open up a world of opportunities for applications.

Any tips for developers across Spain and Latin America?

My advice is to always keep an open mind and "think outside the box". Technology is moving fast, and we are moving away from the traditional notions of computing, so it's very important to be open to innovation -- we need you to write tomorrow's applications!

Do you like Ice Cream Sandwiches? What's your favorite desert?

Ice cream is my favorite desert and I have nothing against sandwiches, so I like the combination :-)

Ernest Delgado, Developer Programs Engineer

ADK, android@home and the launch of Chromebook in Europe. Next thing I will do is to buy Chromebooks for my family in Spain.

This will give the developer more room to hack in new contexts and products. Have you already thought of a new startup with apps for your tablet that control everything of your house?

Any tips for developers across Spain and Latin America?

Get any of the new products announced and start hacking!

Any special story while you were at the event?

Yes, believe it or not many things announce in the keynotes were a surprise for me too!

Do you like Ice Cream Sandwiches? What's your favorite desert?

Yes, although I like tiramisu. I hope they name a future release like that :)

Paul Kinlan, Developer Advocate

We launched localised versions of the Chrome Web Store. This is big news for developers and users around the world. Developers can reach more users more easily than ever before and those users will be happier because the apps and store are in their native language.

Any tips for developers across Spain and Latin America?

Localise your apps, there are millions of users who want to use your app that might not be a native speaker of your language. Don't miss out on their custom.

Did you know...

You can try out all the latest features by entering "about:flags" in your URL bar. Seriously, keep checking because it changes nearly every build and you can get to play with some cool new features.

What's your favorite desert?

If anyone has ever seen a picture of me, you can tell that I like ALL deserts, A through Z.


Inês Gonçalves

Google España

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